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Posted on May 19th, 2010 @ 1:06am
Life isn't supposed to be like this.
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Writer's Block: Memo to Myself [
Posted on August 11th, 2009 @ 1:22am
If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Open your eyes.
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Posted on May 9th, 2009 @ 6:05pm
[ mood | exhausted ]

I have gone against everything I said I would do, and have got myself Facebook. Which is, unsurprisingly, boring as fuck.

However, Twitter is fucking ace!!!

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Music post. [
Posted on April 21st, 2009 @ 10:34pm
[ mood | bored ]

Everything is uploaded to sendspace unless otherwise stated.

Blue Crush OST (MP3)
Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night (MP3)

Sash! - Ecuador (MP3)
Dolly Parton - Jolene (M4A)
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight (MP3)
Madonna - Like A Virgin (MP3)
DJ Casper - Cha Cha Slide (MP3)
General Public - Tenderness (MP3)
Fall Out Boy - Yule Shoot Your Eye Out (MP3)
Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me (MP3)
Imogen Heap - I Am In Love With You (MP3)
Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (MP3)
AR Rahman feat. The Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) (MP3)
Robyn - Jack You Off (MP3)
Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure (M4A)
Mint Royale feat. Gene Kelly - Singin' In The Rain (MP3)

My playlist.
Albums are uploaded on sendspace unless specifically requested otherwise, and can be either .zip or .rar

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Posted on April 19th, 2009 @ 7:31pm
I have a job. I am officially a full time working adult!!

Too bad no one told me waitressing pretty much sucks lol.
Also, trying to fit in studying for my exams around a 32.5 hour week is not going so well haha. Eh, at least I'll be able to pay my rent next year even if I'm not going to Uni anymore...

Anyway, it's all good with me, hope it's all good with you etc. etc. etc.
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Writer's Block: Words to Live By [
Posted on February 22nd, 2009 @ 4:42am
What is your personal motto or favorite quotation?

"In complete darkness we are all the same, it is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us, don't let your eyes deceive you."

By Janet Jackson, which I always found quite amusing.
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Posted on December 3rd, 2008 @ 4:57pm

nanowrimo was a bust. 30 days = 50000 words?


30 days = 139 words.

Oh dear.

My first semester of Uni is drawing to a close, which is simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. I can't believe that on Monday I can go home and do nothing for 6 weeks. I can't believe I'm not going to be in Dundee for 6 weeks DDD:

Ugh, I was going to go on about subjects/work etc. but I can't be assed. Too many assessments. In fact i have a 1300 word essay on plato due for tomorrow which I really should start.

End note:

It snowed yesterday!!! This + the fact i'm 3 days into my advent calender  + the fact we majorly pimped out the flat with decorations from Poundland = Crimbo celebrations can begin!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is having a good holiday period already :)))
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Posted on November 15th, 2008 @ 3:35am
I'm not very good with words.

Now, don't get me wrong. I can put together something just as well as the next kid who hopes to be the next big thing in literature, but the truth is that is all there is. I can't make the next step. I can't find it in myself to get out all I need to do.

Christ. I just wish I could articulate what it is I really want to say.
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yeeeeee boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! [
Posted on November 5th, 2008 @ 4:11am
and obama does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck yes america

definitely worth staying up until 4.11am for
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NaNoWriMo? [
Posted on October 30th, 2008 @ 10:50pm
I was thinking about maybe perhaps taking part in NaNoWriMo this year, and was wondering if anyone here has taken part before, and if maybe you could tell me a little about what is involved? I mean, I know that you have November to write 50,000 words, but did you find it a really hard task? Did you just work at it alone or did you usesome of the online support avaliable? Was it worth it? Did you finish?!

Cheers, 'n' that...
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